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TFX is TriumphFX’s very own cryptocurrency coin. It has the par value of 1 USDT. If you have 1,000 USD in your Traders Room account, it will be converted into 1,000 TFX. Moving forward, TFX will be the only currency accepted for fund management attachments.

The introduction of TFX will help solve the slow withdrawal issues. Due to banking restrictions, TriumphFX has been facing processing issues for large amounts of withdrawals. TFX and its open market concept will be able to resolve this issue. This will be a long term solution that can help grow the net worth of our investors.

TriumphFX believes that cryptocurrency is the future of currency and we see this as an investment of assets into the future. In that regard, we believe the growth for TFX will be limitless and has huge potential to increase the net worth of both the company and our investors.

TFX was launched on 5/12/2022.

The first phase of TEX was launched on 5/12/2022. Currently, we are launching the next phase of TEX with upgraded features on 10/3/2023.

No. All activities related to fund management, including current attachments, min allocation and closing will not be affected. The only change is that clients will now need to attach and receive profits in TFX instead of USD.

If you have existing funds in your Account Balance, the funds will be converted to TFX automatically. You can then proceed to attach as usual using TFX. For new investors, they will first need to buy TFX with USDT from our exchange, then proceed to attach as usual from our Traders Room.

TFX will always be worth 1 USDT for fund attachments regardless of the TFX’s price value at the time of attachment. For example, if the min attachment is 1,000 USD, your attachment will be equivalent at 1,000 TFX.

No. Deposit and withdrawal options are disabled in our Traders Room. You will need to buy and sell TFX on our exchange platform, TEX.

Yes, the internal transfer option is available on TEX. Find “Internal Transfer” under “Funds” and transfer funds for free (as long as it’s between TEX accounts).

No for the time being, but it is in our plan to get TFX listed in the upcoming phase.

Along with TFX, we are launching our very own exchange platform. TFX/USDT will be traded on our own exchange, TEX.

Clients may buy and sell TFX on our exchange. Rest assured that a step-by-step tutorial will be provided when it’s launched. 

To withdraw fiat, you will first need to sell your TFX for USDT. Then, you may transfer USDT to other major exchanges to withdraw fiat. Alternatively, you may also sell your USDT to money exchangers for your local currencies.

If your withdrawal request has been accepted and processed by the remittance provider, it will be processed as usual.

Unlikely. As TFX is only held by our 2,200,000 million investors currently, the value for TFX is dependent on our community only based on the demand for TFX.

Fund managers will be trading using USD as usual. This is made possible as our system will automatically convert between TFX and USD when funds are transferred to and from MT4 Trading Platform.

After each closing, new TFX will be minted for profit distribution based on the TFX’s value at the time of closing. From there, the total circulation of 10B units of TFX will grow accordingly.

We have set in place our Protection Protocol which will mint TFX based on its current value. This will help balance the supply and demand of TFX and therefore maintain a more sustainable value.