How is TEX (Phase 2) different from previous TEX (Phase 1)?

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In this fast-paced world of trading, we recognize the importance of staying ahead of the game and that is why we have been working tirelessly to bring you this game-changing upgrade on TEX (Phase 2). In this second phase, you can expect a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, along with brand-new features for an enhanced trading experience.

How is it different from the old version?

  • Designated wallets for TR and TEX (Phase 2)
    Before, there was no wallet available in the Trader’s Room account page and you could only view your TFX wallet balance there. But now, we’re introducing a new wallet in TR where you can also easily perform Push, Pull and transfer from there, not necessarily only from TEX. As TEX (Phase 2) now exists independently from TR, our clients are able to manage these separate wallets on both platforms, as your convenience is our priority.

    Just a quick reminder that once TEX (Phase 2) is launched, your TEX (Phase 1) wallet addresses won’t work anymore. So, please make sure you don’t use your TEX (Phase 1) USDT/TFX wallet addresses when TEX (Phase 2) is live.

  • A complete makeover
    We see and hear you, that’s why we’ve given TEX (Phase 2) a major facelift, both inside and out, so you can enjoy a seamless experience on desktop, tablet, or mobile. We’ve also made sure our products sound more human and look more consistent.
  • A new matching engine
    We’ve got some major upgrades too! The matching engine, which matches buying and selling orders on the exchange, has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to ensure smooth sailing for future growth.

Final remark

The evolution to TFX and TEX has always been a multi-phase project. An evolution at this scale is not going to happen overnight. Even so, our excitement to continue developing does not falter and the only way for us is forward.

Hop on over to TEX (Phase 2) now for a taste of the future. We can’t wait for you to try out all the bells and whistles for yourself.