“TriumphFX Coin (TFX) is our new cryptocurrency coin fueling the TriumphFX ecosystem as we phase out the Traders Room Account Balance (TR Balance)”. Since the inception of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has been regarded as the future of currency. The prevalence of Web3 development intensifies the shift. To put it simply, it is the future and we are now a part of it.



Everything is in the blockchain. TFX follows the Ethereum ERC-20 standard in development. Every transaction you make with TFX in the future will be recorded in the blockchain. This makes it way more secure. To understand why, refer to what is blockchain.

Evolution to TFX means there is no need for deposit, withdrawal and internal transfer. Skip all the hassle. Instead, you simply buy, sell or trade your TFX with USDT. How do you do that?

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In Our Own Marketplace!

Introducing Triumph Exchange (TEX). TEX provides a professional interface and features for you to trade/exchange TFX/USDT. You will see all the selling and buying demand of TFX on the order book. Instead of withdrawing USD, this means that you get to exchange TFX to USDT more swiftly.

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We know a lot of questions might be raised regarding TFX, just as when the PC was being introduced, or at the advent of the internet. We curated a series of resources that can help you progress together. Feel free to jump into more in-depth information.

How to buy TFX on TEX (Phase 2)?

In this article, we will explaining to you how to buy TFX on TEX (Phase 2).

How to activate TEX (Phase 2) account

This article highlights all the information you’ll need regarding activating your TEX (Phase 2) account.

How is TEX (Phase 2) different from previous TEX (Phase 1)?

This article highlights all the information you’ll need about TEX (Phase 2) different from previous TEX (Phase 1).

Our approach is to be rational, to make decisions that would move the company forward in a steadfast manner. We aim to progress further into the future. You witnessed the new dawn, now witness our progression.